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 Natural History Museum of Crete (Stephanie)

 Britten Theatre - "The musical brain - Neuroscience   and classical music." (Marianna)

Winning entry University of Oxford International Day of Women and Girls in Science ( Stephanie) 

Science events


Archive (selection)

 30th June 2019 - Music / Science presentation recital"The Musical Brain" - Britten   Theatre, London, England

 1st April 2019 - "Darwinian Mondays" - Science   presentation- Natural History Museum, Heraklion, Crete

 7th March 2019 - Presentation talk - International   Women's Week (Wonder Women) - Imperial College   London, England

 2nd March 2019 - Presentation talk - Bacterial World   Exhibition - Natural History Museum, Oxford, England

 9th July 2017 - Presentation - "Music of Life" - 4th Aegean   Arts International Festival - Crete, Greece

 7th May 2017 - Presentation - "Music of Life" - Imperial   College London Science festival, London, England

 3rd November 2016 - Music/Science presentation recital -   Major Evolutionary Transitions Conference, Oxford,   England



  • Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford University Journal 'Phenotype'

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